How Audio can Make or Break Your Video

How Audio can Make or Break Your Video

Shonda Smith - SVA Managing Editor


You bought the right microphones and know which tool is best for the job so you’re guaranteed to have quality sound in your next production. Right? According to Mike Argon’s recent article 5 Tips for Creating Professional-Quality Audio Content “attaining quality audio involves more than just technology; it has to do with four key interactive considerations: human, technological, environmental and logistical factors.”

While Argon’s article provides audio tips for webinars, his recommendations are valid for all video productions:


The speaker should be friendly and engaging. Factors such as tone, pace or inflections create emotion and connect with the viewers.


Are you filming a tutorial, testimonial or a presentation at a conference? Know your equipment and what works best given the surroundings.


No matter how good your talent and the technology are, if there’s background chatter or outside noise, the video is a bust. Record the audio in a controlled environment where you can eliminate environmental noise.

Logistical factors

Have back-up plans in place, rehearse with the talent, perform sound checks and monitor the audio throughout the production.

Poor audio is such a distraction that it can easily ruin an event. Make sure your speaker’s message is what’s memorable, not the audio. 

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